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Cipo & Baxx - The jump to global company

This label is indeed operating with his casual wear primarily in Europe but it is nevertheless an international fashion label with global ambitions. It is not surprising that the label has also recorded a steady growth in sales and that especially in the difficult economic times in the last few years. Especially the areas streetwear and urbanwear with the unique culture of hip-hop style clothing withhoodies and baggies is a cornerstone of the fashion label. The North American fashion market is a challenge for Cipo & Baxx but it is not impossible.

Istanbul as a fashion metropolis

A major factor is the production of the textiles mostly in their own textile production facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. The two owners of the fashion brand Cipo & Baxx, Cipo Textile and Textile Yil Ba have decades of experience in textile production as well as in the international market. The structure of the fashion label is done through attendance at international fashion fairs, fashion events and through advertisements in fashion magazines. Only when Cipo & Baxx is in all rage the awareness of the fashion label will increase and will make the global success more likely.

Cipo & Baxx - The customer is always the winner

The label surprised the fashion conscious people always with creative ideas in his clothing collections and the same is for men and for women. The fresh and cool designs are trendsetters and therefore the fashion has a large fan base. The fashion brand has an excellent price-performance ratio. A complete outfit is and remains a less expensive amusement for the fashion conscious buyer. In its full range the label offers in addition the obligatory clothing also footwear and accessories in the usual excellent price-performance ratio from Cipo & Baxx.

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